The Afterthought: Can We Make Customizations Upgrade Proof?

Can I move this safely into another machine ? 

Lots of Pipes and Wires !

In one of my current engagements, we are struggling with the issue whether and how to build an critically needed, complex customization in R12 that may have to be abandoned or completely re-written, once the client completes their Cloud journey over the next 3-5 years. This is not uncommon.

As our clients are migrating within the R12 versions and / or preparing for Cloud migrations the customization issue is one of the biggest headaches. Reviewing, adjusting, and testing existing customizations is torturous. However, most clients cannot easily get rid of them and still don't want to wait for Oracle to build all of them. What to do?

Did I hear correctly in our last discussion? There is a solution to the customization upgrade problem? That would be huge, you guys. I spoke to several colleagues over the last two weeks about this, and it seems we might be on to something. Let me explain.


Our Customized Ecosystem

Here the notes from our meeting:

We also discussed that multi-systems integration applications could even be used by our clients to develop and maintain EBS on-premise customizations separately. Quite an exciting thought! Further exploration could lead us to ways to escape the torturous upgrade purgatory of retrofitting all existing customizations. Can we figure out how to organize and provide customizations that can be connected to both, multiple EBS on premise releases and even Cloud Fusion.


Did we stumble on a quite remarkable option, an integration "container" for customizations and extensions? My dream would be to have a "container" that provides the following functions pre-built:  

Pre-built Integration

  • Data extract connectors for Oracle EBS versions R12 and Fusion Cloud
  • Data load and data update connectors Oracle EBS versions R12 and Fusion Cloud
Sturdy and Scalable

Secure Platform

  • Security protocols and access control with Oracle strength
  • Data storage facility for required additional master data and rules
  • User Interface and Automation tools for data entry and controls

Custom Programming Ability

  • Available configurable rule engine to my customizations
  • Ability to use my own tools to build customizations and load them into the container. 

It seems that some of our colleagues are building or have built key elements of this solution. Check the posts below for more information. Let's follow up and explore. I am anxiously waiting for your answers and perspectives.

Find the Report: Integrating with Oracle Cloud Systems - Blog at the link below

This was discussed On Friday, April 22, 2022, we had a interesting conversation on how to integrate existing apps or your newly created apps with the software running on the networked computers of some of the Cloud service providers, including Oracle



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Tuesday, 05 March 2024
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