Colleagues and Friends,

Ascend 2022: Report and Share - Sync Up / Meet up
Tue, Jun 28, 2022 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM (PDT)

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

 If you attended or presented: What are your key impressions and take-aways of last week's user group convention Ascend 2022? What did you talk about to your colleagues and bosses? Let's reconnect, compare notes, and come up with suggestions and improvements.

If you did not attend: We will give you an overview of the show beyond the downloadable presentations, highlight our favorites, and tell you what the conversations on the floor were like.

  • It was great to be in person, but …. we need to take advantage of it. > Stop doing front-stage lectures unless there are more than 50 people in the room, organize questions, dialogue, and direct engagement.
  • Cloud extensions and Cloud specific apps are now available in many areas and can be built quite easily. > Let's re-evaluate the overblown worry about "no customizations".
  • EBS R12 is not going anywhere (Cliff Godwin). Oracle has no current deadline and will give us at least 10 years notice. > Stop scaring people into unwarranted and/or badly planned Cloud migrations.
  • EBS R12 is getting significant functionality improvements – example: Return on internal sales orders. > Let's spend more time learning and evaluating them.
  • It seems that the OATUG conference is the only conference focused on EBS. Oracle's Cloud World will have no EBS information and not EBS team members. > let's promote the OATUG especially as 65% of all Oracle Users seem to be on EBS.
  • The term "Cloud" is still confusing – we need to make a clear difference between
    • Cloud Platform, i.e. my software running on someone else's computer and
    • Fusion software or Cloud Service, a subscription to someone else's software on some else's computer.
    • There are more variations, and we need get clarity for us and the user community.
  • Cloud user questions still seem to be quite "generic" (e.g. whether and how to migrate) versus EBS questions very specific (how to configure internal sales orders …) > not sure what to do.
  • The booth offerings from small vendors often are not clear enough. Attendees have to figure it out – not that easy > let's improve the collaboration between the vendors. We made a start during the show – let's continue.

You also find some of the presentations in the blog post below . 

Please participate in the conversations on Please respond with your comments and ideas.

Thank you

Hans Kolbe